Matson MA35000 12/24V Lithium Jump Starter

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Revolutionize your jump starting experience with unmatched power and versatility:

  • Automatic Voltage Sensing: Intelligent detection ensures optimal and safe power delivery every time.
  • Impressive Peak Current: Deliver a robust 1200A at 12V, ensuring quick and effective jump starting.
  • High Capacity: A substantial 35,000mAh capacity ensures ample power for multiple jump starts or device charging.
  • Versatile Backup Power: Beyond jump-starting, serve as a reliable power source for various portable devices.
  • Integrated Powerful Torch: A built-in 3W/250 lumen torch function enhances visibility in low-light scenarios.
  • Safety Prioritized: Comprehensive protection mechanisms safeguard against potential mishaps during use.
  • Ready Accessories: Replacement 240v charger is readily available with Part no: MA35000C.


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