King Tony KT34487-1AG – 1/2″ Drive Digital Torque Wrench 40-200NM

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The King Tony KT34487-1AG Digital Torque Wrench represents the pinnacle of torque precision in a digital format. With its 1/2″ drive and electronic readout, you can tighten and secure with unparalleled accuracy. The dual accuracy settings ensure your work is exact, whether in clockwise or counterclockwise operation. This wrench is not only smart, with its automatic shut-off feature, but also communicative, with a buzzer and LED indicator to alert you upon reaching the desired torque. With a comprehensive torque range and the ability to display in multiple engineering units, this tool is versatile and adaptable for any project. Its solid construction and length of 530mm make it a reliable companion for the long haul.

Key Features:

  • Digital Precision: Experience the ease of electronic torque value readout for spot-on precision.
  • High Accuracy: Achieve accuracy with CW +/-2% and CCW +/-3% operation, ensuring the torque is just right.
  • Certified Quality: Conforms to the high standards of DIN ISO 6789 & ASME B107.14M-2004 for assured reliability.
  • User-Friendly Modes: Offers both peak hold and track mode for greater control over your torque applications.
  • Alert System: Equipped with a buzzer and LED indicator, signaling when you reach the preset target torque.
  • Versatile Units: Switch between engineering units (Nm,,,, kgf.m) to match your specific needs.
  • Smart Operation: Features an auto-shutoff after about 80 seconds to conserve battery life.
  • Extended Range: A torque range that covers various measurements and an overall length of 530mm.