Toledo 322210 – Combination Square Set – 300mm

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Here’s what you need to know…

  • Versatile and useful multi-application set for a wide range of measuring and lay out jobs
  • Suitable for use as a rule, spirit level, plumb level, 45° level, try square (internal and external), height/depth gauge, marking gauge and scriber
  • Supplied in high grade EVA foam storage tray
  • Common applications include jobs in woodworking, metal working and stonemasonry
  • Black baked enamel finish (except rule)


■ Detachable Rule:
– All traditional length and dimension measurements
– Hardened stainless steel with precision milled edges
– Double sided metric and imperial 300mm/12Inch
– Metric graduation: 1mm
– Imperial graduation: 1/32” & 1/16”

■ Square Head with Scriber & Spirit Level:
– Lay out and checking of 45° and 90° angles
– Checking level and plumb
– Locking bolt for firm attachment to blade
– Detachable scriber for marking

■ Protractor Head with Spirit Level:
– Setting, measuring and checking of angles
– Double 180° scale
– Locking bolt for firm attachment to blade

■ Centre Head:
– Allows centre lines to be obtained
– Checking the centre of round jobs
– Enables depth measurement
– Locking bolt for firm attachment to blade


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