Quick Clamp 3 Way Elbow

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Overview: Introducing the Quick Clamp 3 Way Elbow, a pivotal component in our Quick Clamp Pipe Clamp System, ingeniously designed for creating multi-directional connections in tubular structures. This fitting is key for projects requiring three-way joins, facilitating the assembly process without the need for welding, bending, or threading. It’s especially useful in complex constructions where multi-angled joints are essential.

Key Features:

  • Three-Way Connectivity: Specially engineered to provide a sturdy three-way connection, offering more versatility in your construction designs.
  • Durable Material: Cast from high-grade Malleable Steel, ensuring long-lasting strength and reliability.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Each elbow is hot dip galvanised according to AS/NZS 2312.2:2004 standards, providing excellent durability against environmental wear and tear.
  • Safety Standards: Comes with Producer Statements for a range of handrail and balustrade applications, adhering to AS1428.1:2009 and the Disability Discrimination Act.

Applications: The Quick Clamp 3 Way Elbow is incredibly versatile, suitable for:

  • Complex Frameworks: Ideal for constructing intricate frameworks in structures where multiple pipe directions converge.
  • Handrails and Balustrades: Enhances the structural integrity and aesthetic of handrails and balustrades in various settings.
  • Creative Constructions: A popular choice in the DIY industrial chic scene, perfect for innovative shop fitouts, custom furniture, and tradeshow displays.
  • Pipe + Mesh Enclosures: Excellent for building sturdy and reliable enclosures with complex angles.

Innovative Construction Solution: This fitting redefines the approach to constructing tubular structures, making even the most complex designs simpler and more feasible. The Quick Clamp 3 Way Elbow is not just a fitting; it’s an innovative solution that brings efficiency and versatility to your construction projects.

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