Quick Clamp Tee

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Overview: Our Quick Clamp Long Tee is a groundbreaking solution in the realm of tubular structure assembly, designed to facilitate the connection of two pipes at any selected angle between 0° to 11°. This fitting is a testament to our commitment to simplifying construction processes, eliminating the need for welding, bending, or threading.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Angle Connection: The Long Tee allows for precise angle adjustments between 0° to 11°, enabling custom configurations in your projects.
  • Compatibility: Ideally used in conjunction with other products like the 2.11 for the middle rail and 4.05 for the rail base flange, it offers versatile integration within the Quick Clamp system.
  • Dual Set Screws: Featuring a sleeve that holds two set screws, it ensures a robust join between two in-line pipes.
  • Quality Assurance: Hot dip galvanised in compliance with AS/NZS 2312.2:2004, it guarantees longevity and resistance to environmental elements.
  • Material Integrity: Cast from premium Malleable Steel, the Long Tee is built to withstand rigorous use and maintain its integrity over time.
  • Safety and Compliance: Comes with Producer Statements for a wide range of handrail and balustrade applications, ensuring adherence to safety standards.

Applications: The Quick Clamp Long Tee’s flexibility and strength make it suitable for:

  • Handrails and Balustrades: Ideal for creating handrails that comply with AS1428.1:2009 and the Disability Discrimination Act requirements.
  • Creative and Custom Constructions: A go-to fitting for the DIY industrial chic trend, perfect for shop and cafe fitouts, furniture making, and tradeshow displays.
  • Pipe + Mesh Enclosures: Excellent for building secure and reliable enclosures with a professional finish.

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