King Tony Squad SL10 Super Large Roller Workstation 42″ Width (KT87SQ34-10B-BK)

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Elevate your workspace with the King Tony Squad SL10 Super Large Roller Workstation, designed to cater to the needs of every professional workstation with its extensive storage options and durable construction.

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Key Features:

  • 4-Sided Storage Design: This innovative workstation features a versatile 4-sided storage design, making it the ultimate solution for organizing and accessing your tools and supplies efficiently.
  • 10 Drawers + 1 Wrench Hanging Drawer: Equipped with 10 spacious drawers and an additional wrench hanging drawer, providing ample storage space for all your tools and accessories.
  • Cabinet Doors: Includes 2 small and 1 large cabinet doors, perfect for storing larger tools and items securely.
  • Wide Worktop Space: Offers a generous worktop area measuring 1235mm x 800mm, giving you plenty of room to work on your projects.
  • High-End Extra Thick Wood Top: The workstation is topped with a high-end, extra thick wood top, ensuring durability and a premium work surface.
  • Extra Long Metal Handle Bar: Designed with an extra long metal handle bar, making it easy to maneuver the workstation around your workspace.
  • Common Accessories Applicable: Compatible with common accessories, enhancing the functionality and versatility of your workstation.


  • Width: 1066mm
  • Worktop Dimensions: 1235mm x 800mm

Why Choose King Tony Squad SL10 Super Large Roller Workstation?

  • Versatile Storage: The 4-sided storage design and multiple drawers and cabinets ensure that you can organize your tools and supplies effectively.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, including an extra thick wood top and sturdy metal handle, this workstation is designed to withstand heavy use and last for years.
  • Enhanced Functionality: The large worktop space and compatibility with common accessories make this workstation a highly functional addition to any professional workspace.

Upgrade your workspace with the King Tony Squad SL10 Super Large Roller Workstation and enjoy the benefits of a well-organized, durable, and highly functional tool storage solution. Order now to secure your unit!